How to feed Persian cats correctly


Persian cats are adorable and a real treasure. This breed originated in Persia, which is modern day Iran. Over the years, this breed has been cross-bred resulting in different unique Persian breeds today. However, the main characteristics and features of this breed include; a round flat face and a long flowing coat. This amazing cat breed is docile and dignified and also exhibits a quiet and calm demeanour.

Persian Cats Health

Before we jump into how to feed a Persian cat correctly, you should know that this breed has some conditions that you should be aware of. These conditions are inherent and affect the skull structure of these cats. The major condition in regards to feeding is dental malocclusions. Due to the constricted skull structure, the jaws and particularly the teeth, do not mesh well together.

How to Feed Persian Cats Correctly

As with any other cat breed, the Persian cat requires a balanced diet and ultimate care and choice of food should be given top priority. If Persians are fed the wrong diet, it can result in health issues. This Persian breed is a picky eater mainly due to their dental issue. Being a pedigree and indoor cat, it is also wise to measure their food correctly to eliminate weight issues.

Having said that, it’s time to look at how to feed Persian cats correctly. There are dry and wet feeds for cats but there are no specific brands for Persian cat foods. It’s advisable to monitor your cat to make sure that no health problems occur. Also, make sure that the particles are not too small. Best feeds include; Royal Canin Persian food for long haired cats and Blue Freedom cat food.