How to choose a Persian kitten?


When you decide to choose a Persian kitten for your family, there are certain factors to consider. The Persian cat’s fluffy coat and quirky expressions have made him a popular family pet all over the world. Due to this popularity however, some unscrupulous breeders have tried to capitalise on the profits to be made, and the breed now often suffers deformities and health issues.

Health issues associated with Persian cats

Persian cats, much like other flat-faced, domestic pets such as bulldogs, have been bred with certain physical characteristics, such as flat faces and small legs which puts them at a heightened risk for many serious health problems; this should not be underestimated. Careful selection is imperative as Persian cats potentially face a high risk of developing breathing problems, kidney issues, and bulging and weeping eyes.

How to choose the right kitten for you

The most important thing to look for when you decide to buy a Persian kitten is a responsible breeder that places producing healthy kittens as their number one priority. You should grill the breeder with lots of questions, and ensure the parents have been tested for two key diseases – feline leukemia and Polycystic Kidney Disease. Both these hereditary conditions are rife in Persian cats, and are fatal.

When choosing a kitten, personality is the next most important factor to consider. Personality is a combination of two factors: Genetics and Socialisation. Kittens that have parents with bad temperaments have a very high chance of turning out just like them. Find out the temperaments of both parents of your future kitten, and ensure that he, or she, has been well socialised, and exposed to noises, kids, other animals and people.