About Persian Cats


Persian cats are one of the most glamorous and calm natured breeds of cat in the world. Brought to Europe most probably by an Italian nobleman in the 1600’s, the breed became a cult icon of elegance amongst the nobles of 19th century Europe, who found the exotic history and unusual longhair of the Persian cat fascinating. The Persian remains popular today, and is one of Americas top ten breeds of cat.

Fifty shades of Persian

The Persian cat comes in a dazzling assortment of tones and colours. The most famous cats are generally those with iconic flowing white hair (think Mr Biggleworth), but Persian cats also come in many other interesting tones like silver, black and white champagne and orange. There are two varieties of small Persians (Teacup and Toy Persians), and two derivatives of the breed, the Himalayan and the Chinchilla Longhair.

Flat-Faced Felines

The Persian’s most distinctive feature after their coat, is their chubby, flat face. The Persian cat did not always have the pushed in muzzle, but in the 1950’s a batch of kittens was born with this feature. The breeders of the time liked it so much, that they selectively bred their cats to look like this. The traditional Persian with a pointed nose is called the ‘doll-face’ Persian.

Persian cats are popular with cat enthusiasts for much more than their unique appearances. They are known as easy-going and loving cats, that adore attention and pampering. They are entertaining felines, and love to spend time with their human families. Their sweet and loyal nature makes them an ideal family pet, but potential owners should remember to do their research and ensure that they buy a kitten from a responsible breeder.